Yeah- I have absolutely no clue – yet

Wow. Did you know getting temporarily confused while trying to get a domain and put a WordPress site on it can accidentally get you two sites that kind of point at each other but one doesn’t get written, and that there is a separate URL (I got my domain at Google for some reason) to go back into your domain and fix it? I didn’t.

And I could have even gotten a free domain instead of paying for it if I had started here in the first place. I guess I should have researched and read more before starting. I got a little excited. That, and well, 20 years ago, I was actually GOOD with computers. Boy things changed. That being said, I know that my basic grounding will make adapting to these new challenges something I am capable of. I carry on, dauntless and brave.

This isn’t an ad for WordPress or anything like that. Just the musings of a 50-something year old woman starting again, but this time with hope in her heart and a sense of anticipation that this new chapter might bring joy to me and others while hopefully providing a new way to support myself that works with my abilities and works around my struggles. Onward into adventure! Be blessed, my friends.


Taking a Deep Breath Here

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I like the Oscar Wilde quote. I think I will leave it.

I want to share all the beautiful things I see, and the various adventures my empathy for animals has taken me on. I currently have a house rooster (it isn’t my fault, honest!), and last fall I lost my studio buddy, Delilah, a nine-year-old Golden Sebright hen. I still miss her (the rooster, Dakota? He is a bit of a jerk). I have known some awesome roosters, though, so I think Dakota is just a jerk.

Anyhow, when you know an animal knows you understood what they asked for, it is a lot harder to say “no” to them, because, well, it feels mean when they make all this effort to ask for something and then you blow them off, you know? Now granted, we do have to do something to teach the horses that stealing fishing tackle is an unacceptable pastime. Don’t want to ruin all their fun, though. I think that hats should still be fair game.

Anyhow, this is me, my story, and oh, yeah! My art. Thank you for stopping by.

Still Clueless

If any of you have made this journey before, I would love to know how long it takes to do it yourself. Thing is, with chronic illness interfering, I long ago learned a reasonable estimate is four times longer. With my impatient perfectionism nagging me, that, my friends, will feel like an eternity. I hope the chronic illness thing doesn’t strike people as whining. It is more just a coloring of my reality. I can’t make my body perform just because I want it to (and consequences of pushing beyond a certain point make everything take even longer; I have punished myself more than once this way).

Dakota. When I get away from my desk too long, he disapproves. Yesterday I was commissioned to paint him, so I guess he is a good buddy, even if he is a jerk.

My menagerie (two dogs, four cats, house rooster, twenty outdoor chickens, two guinea fowl, a dozen goats, three horses, a donkey, and 30 cows) figures large in my life. For some reason, it seems like every minute of my day someone is competing for my attention and focus. You will end up getting to know all of them if you follow along. Who knows – I might even introduce you to the humans I share time with? Seriously, though, I am trying. It seems like I am going to have to learn the balance between website building, day-to-day practicalities (eating, setting up a new phone system, shopping for art supplies), managing social networks and actually creating art (which is the real goal in all of these other distractions).

Anyhow, this post, as much as anything, is an apology for not yet transforming this into a space where my art is readily available for sale and viewing. It will get there, I promise.

Can Light Exist Without Shadow

Part of painting and photography is understanding light and shadow, and how management of them defines the subject you portray. The way you control light is what brings life to your images. Chiaroscuro is the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting, usually a higher contrast than in some other work – with a lot more darkness and the subject’s features emerging from that darkness.

Our lives, over time, often have their own moments where darkness overwhelms and we reach for that pinpoint light that barely illuminates what is around us, pressing on, because the smallest light is so visible in darkness, and continuing our journey towards it has the promise of warmth and welcome later on.

Be blessed friends! It is time for me to go play with light and darkness.

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